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Best Welcome Porch Signs for Your Backyard

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Home decor starts on the porch. If first impressions are important, why not start yours at the front door? Creating a welcoming environment will compel your guests to stay awhile and enjoy your home. Now, finding the right home decor is not always easy, so let’s save you some time and show you some of the best welcome porch signs!

The best welcome porch signs vary depending on the look you want for your home. For most homes, wooden rustic welcome signs, cottage-style welcome signs, and custom wooden signs with a family name work best. Signs relating to the season or an upcoming holiday also make great choices. 

The best wooden signs for each home have a lot to do with the feel of the rest of the front porch. Modern houses will not look as good with an old rustic sign as they would with a newer-looking metal sign. Finding the right choice for your home might take a bit of trial-and-error, but the best welcome sign for your porch is somewhere out there. 

What Are The Best Welcome Porch Signs

It comes down to personal preference, but some signs last the test of time. Whether you live in a 2-story home in the suburbs or a rustic farm-style home out in the plains, there is a sign out there for you. Before you get on Pinterest or Etsy looking for your next porch sign, check out some of these popular signs as well.

  • Cottage-style welcome sign
  • Wooden rustic welcome sign
  • Custom wooden sign
  • Alternating signs that match the season 
  • Home sign with greenery 

Before making your choice, decide what the theme of your porch will be. Also, consider the area you live in and the aesthetic of your home. The right porch sign will make all the difference in making your front porch stand out from the rest of your neighbors. So, let’s get into some of these signs and ways they can help your front porch pop!

Cottage-Style Welcome Sign

A great circular sign filled with space for decoration. The cottage-style sign is great because you can hang it on your door or the front porch railing. You can customize these to deliver the welcoming message you want to set the tone for the rest of your home.

Cottage-style signs fit well on homes with a rustic feel. They are not flashy, but they make a difference without taking up too much space on your front porch. These are great to customize and make a fun activity out of. You can grab a couple of friends and make a party out of it and share ideas to make each sign fit perfectly with each home!

You can purchase these anywhere, but buying several of them might be a great idea if you are looking to add variety to your front porch. Unlike a lot of other popular welcome porch signs, these do not take up a lot of space and a few of them might look nice together. Customize these with decorations to fit the seasons and the holidays!

Wooden Rustic Welcome Sign

You can go two ways with these signs. You can go with the classic wooden look or the modern style. The size of each style is about the same but there is a noticeable difference in the wooden patterns and the texture of the wood material they are made on. These signs are great for several locations such as:

  • Outdoor weddings 
  • Baby showers 
  • Farms
  • Your home

These signs are easy to make and if done correctly, offer room for decorative features along the edges of the sign. You can make these signs as busy as you want to give your front porch a bit more life! Farm homeowners might consider incorporating drawings of some of their farm animals to give the visitors an idea of the feel around the farm. 

The modern-style sign is great if you want to avoid the farm-style rustic look. The modern-style signs are more polished and offer simplicity and style. Go with this style if you want something clean and straightforward with great texture and smoothness. These can take up space on your front porch so be sure to place them accordingly.

Custom Wooden Sign

If you are crafty and enjoy making at-home projects, customizing your wooden sign is a great choice. Everything from the type of wood to the size to the message and lettering will be up to you. One of the routes many homeowners go with when customizing their sign is to include the family name on it.

Including your family name is a classy touch that will make your house feel more like home. Many families have fun with this idea and create a family sigil or a mascot to represent the family. This is an idea that will get the whole family involved and will include a little bit of everyone’s personality in it. 

Alternating Signs to Match The Seasons

If you already enjoy decorating the front lawn to match your favorite holidays and seasons, why not take it a step forward and include the sign! This takes more time and effort than some of the other choices because of the frequency at which you will be changing your sign, but it gives the family something to look forward to.

The overall message of your sign does not need to change, but the decorations around the sign can add life to the sign. For example, if it is December and Christmas is around the corner, a little “Welcome Santa” sign will fit the mood of the season and give your porch an extra decorative Christmas feature.

Home Sign with Greenery 

Color and life will make any normal sign pop. Adding a sign with plants on it will add contrast and excitement to your sign. These signs are great for homes that have a lot of fresh-cut grass and trees around them, but honestly look great in any setting. These signs are typically larger so that they do not appear too busy or loud.

  • Add plants around the sign
  • Add rustic decorations to your porch that blend well with the sign
  • Position the sign the blend in and not crowd your porch

These signs combine a modern look with a rustic touch. One idea that is popular amongst homeowners is using the plants to wrap around the “O” in welcome. It does not distract from the message of the sign and it provides a modern, welcoming vibe to the house. Get signs with fake plants to save time and money on the upkeep. 


Finding the right welcome porch sign will be a different process for most. Having an idea of what theme you want for your front porch and your home for that matter, will make your experience a lot simpler. The style and positioning of your sign also make a difference. You want your sign to brighten your porch, not crowd it. 

The best welcoming porch sign for your home will vary, but signs like the cottage-style welcome sign, wooden rustic, custom wood, and sign with greenery can all make excellent choices for your porch. You might even want to consider combining multiple styles if they blend in well together. 

A fun and stylish welcome porch sign will have your neighbors excited and might even gain you a few new friends. Changing your sign to go with the seasons and holidays will also show that you care about the appearance of your home, which can create a ripple effect on the whole neighborhood. The right porch sign is out there waiting for you!

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