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Backyard Shower Transformation: Stunning Outdoor Space You Need to See

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Some friends bought a large farm that had an outdoor shower area in their backyard. The area had been neglected and was in bad shape. The fence wall was falling apart and it only had dirt in the shower area which would just create a muddy mess if the shower was used.

We talked about replacing the vertical fence walls with horizontal fencing to create a modern look and adding river rock and a small shower deck to cover the shower floor.

Unfortunately, the shower parts were removed for the demo of the fencing and not replaced before taking the after pics.

Replacing the Vertical Fence with a Horizontal Fence

Replacing the vertical fence with horizontal fencing instantly transformed the overall look of the shower area. You can do this with regular backyard fencing as well.

In this case, the vertical fencing board and rails were removed, while the posts were in good shape.

In horizontal fencing, you don’t need fence rails, which makes the building process easier. We used 1×4 pressure treated pine for the horizontal sections, screwed to the existing 4×4 posts.

We used 3/4 inch spacing between the boards which is less privacy than the previous vertical fencing. They didn’t need as much privacy since the large farm is over 30 acres.

If you need to create more privacy with a horizontal fence in a regular backyard, you can use a smaller space between the boards or overlap with board on board for complete privacy.

Adding River Rock and Small Shower Deck

The shower floor area was cleaned of any large debris and leaves and tamped down to create a solid base. We added 3 inches of river rock to be slightly lower than the surrounding concrete patio.

The small shower deck was made with 5/4 x 6 pressure treated deck boards screwed on top of (2) 2×4 pressure treated boards.

The rough size of the deck was 3 feet by 3 feet which gives plenty of room to turn around while using the shower. Two patio stones were placed to make it easier to step on to the concrete patio.

This was a simple 2 day project since the homeowner already had water for the shower.

If this is a project you want in your backyard, you’ll need a plumber to add a water source to your outdoor shower location.

This project also encompassed repainting the outdoor concrete patio area and adding gravel and patio stones to keep roof water runoff from splashing on the concrete patio. We’ll share that info in a later article.

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