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Best Deep Tone Wind Chimes

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large wind chime hanging from tree

Wind chimes are a wonderful addition to your home. They can be relaxing as well as provide appeal to your home. But there are different types of wind chimes, and the best as well as most popular are deep tone wind chimes.

The best deep tone wind chimes will always be the larger ones. Their design allows them to reach deep and to relax notes that smaller wind chimes cannot do. But there is a variety of deep tone wind chimes to choose from.

Deep tone wind chimes are the best choice, especially if you want to add a soothing and tranquil melody to your outdoor area or garden.

Best Deep Tone Wind Chimes

There are so many you can choose from, but these are the top wind chimes to look at if you are searching for deep tone chimes.

Bronze Wind Chimes 

bronze wind chimes

This wind chime is one of the better choices. It is simple and yet provides the deep tone you desire because it is made from bronze. I

You can adjust the bell so you can change the scale that you wish to play. The style is also agreeable with all types of house designs. The motivational message is also a nice touch.

Steeple Wind Chimes

If you love the sound of church bells on a Sunday afternoon or even someone playing the organ slow and soft, steeple wind chimes are a way to go. They provide that deep feeling of a beautiful morning as the sun peers over the rolling hills.

Be prepared because these are not things you can just hang around the house. For deep-toned wind chimes, the size that is the best is 9ft tall. You have to find a perfect place to put this gigantic instrument.

Large F Wind Chimes

hollow wind chimes

These wind chimes give off a soft, hollow sound as the wind hits them. If you have an Asian style garden or a similar style that this will be perfect for, get them. They are best paired where there is running water to add to the symphony of nature.

A plus for getting these is that they aren’t too expensive. The smaller ones start at around $20, and for the larger, deeper tone, it is about $45.

The downfall to these is that they are made of bamboo, so they don’t last as long as the metal wind chimes. They also are not as durable in severe weather and may be broken if you have consistent high winds.

Super Wind Chimes

This type of wind chime is usually about 6 feet tall. They definitely will get someone’s attention, whether its size or its loud bass sound. Make sure to find a sturdy place to hang it because it is quite the wind chime. 

These are durable and will provide the melody that can seep into your body as you pull a chair out on your porch to relax.

Corinthian Bells

corinthian wind chimes

These are a little smaller than the other wind chimes on this list but can provide a deep tone. This wind chime is can start at 4 feet and go up and is great for a smaller outdoor area or if you want to hang it on your porch. 

If you want bigger, you can always go bigger. This wind chime is also available in many larger sizes, but it will cost you a little more.

Aquarian Wind Chimes

aquarian wind chimes

These wind chimes are offered in different octaves but are one of the better bass wind chimes. It is sleek with its dark colors, and the most attractive part is its full sound. It will take you to a mountain scenery as water sputters down a small stream.

You will be taken away to another place, and it will immediately calm all your nerves. It is a large wind chime at 7 ½ feet so make sure you have a place to hang it. It will need a sturdy tree or a tall porch.

Woodstock Percussion

aluminum wind chimes

Don’t let the name fool you. This wind chime is made of aluminum and with extra coats that can last you a long time.

The creator boasts at the duration of the sound, making it one of the longest compared to other wind chimes. It provides beautiful harmony that blends elegance with prominence. This will make you feel powerful yet calm simultaneously.

What Is the Best Material for a Deep Toned Wind Chime?

This depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for durability, metal is the best route to go, whether it is aluminum or copper. Both are great metals and provide a durable product that will last. But if you are looking for an appeal or inexpensive, you can use wood or other materials.


Metals are often the best ones to choose if you are looking for a specific sound because the striker can be adjusted for specific octaves. Some metals you can choose from are:


Copper is one of the most expensive metals to choose from. This metal provides a great sound and doesn’t rust. It merely changes color over time. It is probably one of the most durable metals.


This is one of the most popular metals for a wind chime. Its popularity comes from its chime. It provides the best sound out of all the metals with its clarity, length of the sound, and magnitude.


This is one of the most durable chimes behind the copper. Steel pipes can be easily turned into chimes, and it is easy to recycle these types of chimes.


Another expensive option is brass, but this gives a powerful, loud sound that resembles gongs. 


If you are looking for something a little more subtle, wooden chimes are wonderful. They don’t attract too much attention but provide a beautiful sound to your garden. They just don’t last as long as metal wind chimes.

Other Materials

You can make wind chimes out of almost anything: keys, glass, household items, and more. If you want a deep tone, you will have to stick with wooden and metal. These materials can be designed for the lower octaves that you seek and can be adjusted.

Some other materials may provide a somewhat deep tone, but you will not be able to adjust the sound. For example, shells can provide a soft wholesome sound, but you will not be able to change the octave.

What Makes A Wind Chime Deep Tone?

The size of the wind chime determines how deep or how high a wind chime can get when struck by the striker. The smaller the wind chime, the smaller or, the higher the sound. The larger the wind chime, the deeper or lower the sound.

Not only do the wind chimes need to be wider in diameter to hit the deep octave, but the chime needs to be longer. The short the sound, the quicker and higher the sound is. The longer the pipe, the more lasting and deeper the ring. No wonder deep tone wind chimes are more expensive. Be sure to check out our article were we go over everything you need to know about tuned wind chimes.

Final Thoughts

Deep tone wind chimes are a great addition to your outdoor area. They are perfect to set the tone. You may even find yourself slipping away into slumber or find yourself imagining yourself on the beaches during a calm summer day. We also have an article that goes more in depth about the history of wind chimes.

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