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Pavers, Paint, & Pigs? This Farm Sanctuary Porch Got a Major Upgrade

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A friend of mine owns a farm sanctuary. They have an Airbnb cottage you can rent and hang out with all their rescue animals.

I updated the inside with a new IKEA kitchen and painted the concrete floors. I know people will wonder what the update looked like. Here it is

Once we got the inside looking great, the outside front porch needed a little love.

The Problem: A Dirty and Faded Porch

The concrete patio paint was coming off and faded. The rain runoff from the roof was splashing dirt and water back on the concrete, making a muddy mess. Every time someone walked through the patio into the house, they were bringing a lot of dirt inside.

Step 1: Landscape Updates

We decided to add pavers and white marble chip landscape rock right outside the concrete patio to alleviate the splashing of dirt on the concrete. My friend also picked a colorful teal paint for the concrete area.

The Solution: Pavers, Rock, and a Fresh Coat

We started with the landscape rock and pavers since we didn’t want to walk all over the newly painted concrete patio.

We dug out some of the dirt right in front of the concrete patio to add 3 inches of landscape rock.

We went with the larger landscape rock instead of small gravel since it was a better color and roughly the same price.

We then added 12×12 patio pavers in a checker pattern. We made the pavers level with the pea gravel to make sure they didn’t move easily.

Step 2: Revitalizing the Concrete

After finishing the pavers, we swept off any excess dirt from the patio.

Then, we pressure washed the concrete to get any loose paint and dirt off.

The Finished Look: A Sanctuary Porch

Once the patio was clean, we applied a coat of Sherwin Williams Armorseal Tread-Plex. The paint went on easily and dried quickly. It was pretty thick, so one coat covered everything well.

We made sure to tell our friends not to put or move anything heavy on the patio until after 30 days to let it fully cure.

We also created an outdoor shower area with horizontal fencing while working on this project. The new fencing really updated the look of the porch. You can read about the outdoor shower project here.

This was a great project, and I love that you can sit on the porch and look out towards the fields at all the happy rescued animals living their best life.

What About the Pigs?

Peacefield Farms has 4 pigs now. When I first helped them, they only had Wilbur. He is such a cutie and a sweet pig. He would come up to me for pets.

wilbur the pig

Now they have Wilbur, Orson, Clancy and Toby. Along with them, they have several other rescues, including some loving cows.

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