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How To Design A Backyard Kitchen

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A backyard kitchen is a highly customizable addition, allowing you to put your style touches and requirements on the space.

With so many options, it is easy to get carried away in the design and have the project grow beyond your control. What should you keep in mind when setting out to design your backyard kitchen?

To design a backyard kitchen, think about the main purpose of the kitchen, size requirements, and appliances to be included first. These will help determine the best materials to build the area and what style you are aiming for with your outdoor kitchen area. 

Designing Tips for Your Backyard Kitchen

When you decide it’s time for an outdoor kitchen, a million different ideas and visual aesthetics can set your imagination racing. This is fantastic, but you could start with a simple idea and end with a higher cost and clashing ideas. What should you do when first designing your backyard kitchen? 

Luckily there are some handy tips that can help you control design, look, and cost all at once. These aren’t meant to restrict you but help you to create a kitchen that meets your vision without breaking the bank or a kitchen you don’t love in the end. 

Know Your Budget

It’s no secret: appliances, construction materials, and labor can get very pricey. That is why it is always a great idea to identify a set budget before beginning a huge project like a backyard kitchen.

This is not meant to be a restriction: it’s a guideline to help you work with the money you have to get the backyard kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Make sure to consider your needs when assessing parts of a backyard kitchen. Knowing the minimum can help you find a baseline cost for your outdoor kitchen and if a sale occurs, get a great deal on parts of your backyard kitchen.

You can shop around more readily to find something that fits all aspects of your needs, allowing you to put the bulk of your budget where it needs to be.

Plan for The Weather and the Placement

We all envision using our outdoor kitchen on a sunshiny day in the middle of spring or summer. Where do you imagine the kitchen being?

What if a storm rolls in? These are huge questions to ask when designing your backyard kitchen area, as it can impact some of the design aspects and size of your intended entertainment area.

While in your head, a backyard kitchen might fit perfectly in one space, it may turn out that the size of it ends up being far larger than you expected.

To limit this, always have good quality measurements of the yard space on hand. With this information, you can prevent your outdoor kitchen from ending up along a fence line or someplace less aesthetically pleasing.

Weather is an immutable fact of nature. What starts as a great, beautiful day can devolve into a rainstorm. As such, please take into consideration your outdoor equipment’s capability to deal with poor weather and possibly add some guards to protect them. 

This can be a pergola or overtop shade to the area. Remember, a backyard kitchen is an extension of the home, but it has its own environmental requirements. 

Think About and Purchase the Appliances

Appliances can make a big impact on how you design your space. Once you start, really think about what appliances you want for your space and what you need. 

Some systems are bulky and require you to make more room to accommodate them. Be sure to look for outdoor appliances. Indoor ones can work but won’t hold up as well to the elements!

Examples of what kinds of appliances you might consider are:

Consider Color, Materials, and Movement

Once you have the basic setup planned, now it’s time for the details! Movement through the space is crucial, especially when considering that you may have guests over.

Account for not just enough space for people but how easily one can get to each appliance in the space. Every space has a natural flow to it, and your backyard kitchen should be no exception!

When it comes down to what your kitchen is made of and design elements, really, the sky is the limit when it comes to style! From fairy lighting to rustic backyard bar aesthetic, you can take your kitchen any way you choose. 

Try to keep your material choices to a local area to reduce costs of materials and transportation. Also, consider adding pops of color to your space to bring in a warm atmosphere. 

Backyard Kitchen Ideas

Need a bit of inspiration to get the ideas flowing? There are some classic outdoor kitchen situations that can have you ready to put your own spin on it! We’ve compiled some of the top backyard kitchen ideas for your inspo’ needs.

Summer Entertaining Space

Think of an elegant outdoor kitchen, made of stone masonry and filled to the brim with all the appliances needed to make a lovely summer supper. Granite or marble countertops make for easy cleanup and a gorgeous surface. Your family can dry off from the pool and meet you at the table by the kitchen, ready to feast.

Rustic Bar & Grill

With a great lounging couch, a bar, and a grilling or stove area, what more do you need? Let the beauty of nature meet your outdoor kitchen with a rustic style. The inclusion of natural materials and old farm-style bring a charm to this style of backyard kitchen that will bring to mind simpler times. 

Built-in Backyard Kitchen for Smaller Spaces

If you are working with a smaller backyard, you can still have the backyard kitchen experience! An in-wall backyard kitchen allows you to use the space you have to create an outdoor kitchen without sacrificing what little space you have. 

Mediterranean Style Dining 

With family seating, pergolas, and stonework stove and kitchen area, your family can rest and dine in this easy-going, relaxing atmosphere. Mediterranean style brings homey vibes to any situation and can create a space where your family can unwind after a day of play. 

Cozy Brunch Space

Love to have friends over for morning brunch? Why not take it to the patio? With simple cooking and serving area, you and your friends can have a brunch potluck and mimosas while enjoying a beautiful day outside. 

Backyard Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

What can you do if you want a backyard kitchen but just cannot afford the high price of materials and labor? You can still have your entertaining space, even if you are on a budget. While it may take a while longer, using some of the following tips will help you to develop your dream backyard kitchen in no time.

  • Use Reclaimed Materials
  • Keep the Space Simple
  • Buy in increments
  • DIY It!

DIY and reclaimed materials are all the rage nowadays for home improvement and TV shows. Why not try your hand at it? Pallet styled furniture is actually very trendy, and you can get pallets for a small cost using a website like DIY can also save you on labor costs while giving you the feeling of achievement as you make progress. 

Not every space needs to have all the bells and whistles. Really consider what you want your backyard kitchen to be used for, and then plan to buy pieces in increments. While it may be nice to have an ice maker or some of the other appliances, weigh whether it’s a matter of convenience or necessity. 

Bring Your Backyard Kitchen to Life

Anyone can have the backyard kitchen they need for their entertaining! Design your space to fit your needs and keep your budget in mind to get the best deal for your home. Before you know it, you can have friends commenting on your amazing outdoor entertainment area and complementing your style. 

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