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Best Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator

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When you’re setting up a poolside oasis or outdoor kitchen under a patio, undercounter refrigerators can provide cold drinks at the ready without ever leaving the backyard.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best outdoor undercounter refrigerators available on the market to add to your patio setup. These refrigerators can add functionality and convenience to any outdoor space. 

EdgeStar Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler

The Edgestar Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler is a great option for your outdoor cooling needs. This unit has all of the amenities of a full indoor refrigerator but in an undercabinet size. The stainless-steel design is durable against the elements, and its standard twenty-four-inch width can easily be installed under most counter spaces. 

Here are some of the notable features of the Edgestar Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler: 

  • 4-shelf capacity: The four glass shelves inside the Edgestar can hold up to 142 12 ounce standard cans. This provides plenty of cold beverages for both homeowners and houseguests.
  • Locking mechanism: This refrigerator comes with a factory-installed lock so that alcoholic beverages can be kept securely inside the refrigerator without anyone having to worry about children or teenagers getting access to them. 
  • Digital temperature controls: Modern digital temperature controls make it easy to read the refrigerator’s temperature and adjust it.
  • LED lighting: Cool blue interior LED lighting makes it easy for homeowners to find the drink they’re looking for even after dark. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator that’s quiet and offers sleek style, EdgeStar is a good brand to check into. 

Bull Outdoor Products Stainless Steel Front Panel Refrigerator

For homeowners wanting to add an outdoor refrigerator without it costing an arm and a leg, the Bull Outdoor Refrigerator is a great choice. The picture above showcases a friend’s outdoor kitchen which is an older version of the current Bull outdoor refrigerator.

It is over 7 years old and has had no problems withstanding the Florida heat. It keeps your food and beverages perfectly cold and at a great price.

Here are a few features we like about the Bull Outdoor Refrigerator:

  • Reversable Door: For maximum design choices, you can choose which way you want your outdoor frig to open.
  • 4.4 Cubic Feet Capacity: It will hold quite a bit with its large capacity for your outdoor cooking and beverage needs.
  • Adjustable Shelves and Door Storage: No matter what you need to store in your outdoor frig, this Bull Outdoor model can dispense cans from the door or even store a turkey before frying with its adjustable shelves.

The Bull brand of products has many great outdoor kitchen accessories for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO 4.4 Cu.Ft. Outdoor Mini Fridge

The Danby Outdoor Mini Fridge has 4.4 cubic feet capacity which makes it perfect for outdoor poolside or bar storage to carry everything from beer to sodas for the kids. The adjustable-height shelves make it easy for homeowners to store differently sized items easily.

Here are some of the other features that make the Danby Outdoor Fridge a good choice to go under your outdoor counter: 

  • CanStore Beverage Dispensing System: Very convenient can storage for easy to get to beverages.
  • Freestanding unit: While this cooler fits easily under most standard counters, it can also stand easily on its own to act as a stand or side table.
  • Rated for use up to 109 degree Outdoor Temperature: This fridge has been rated to use in tropical temperatures up to 109 degrees. Even on the hottest days, your beverages will stay ice cold.
  • Reversible recessed handle: The reversible handle on the fridge door allows it to be opened easily from either direction. This can increase the fridge’s versatility when it comes to planning the layout of an undercounter space. 

The Danby cooler is a relatively economical model at less than $600 dollars, but it still provides the efficiency and convenience of more expensive brands. 

HCK 24 inch Weather Proof Design Indoor and Outdoor Undercounter Drawer Fridge

The HCK Outdoor Drawer Fridge is the elegant luxury refrigerator model on this list. By using two drawers instead of a door, you no longer have to reach far in the back to find the right beverage. Simply open the drawer and pick out your favorite beverage.

This is certainly the highest price refrigerator on the list but has a ton of features and is built with the highest grade stainless steel materials for long term use.

Here are a few of the design aspects of the HCK Outdoor Drawer Fridge that make it one of the best outdoor undercounter refrigerators: 

  • Large Capacity: at 5.12 cubic feet, it can hold up to 160 standard 12 oz cans.
  • 39 db operation: Even in hot weather, you won’t be able to hear this fridge operating. At forty-five decibels or lower, it’s as quiet as a library whisper or distant birdsong.
  • Adjustable thermostat control: A digital thermostat allows you to set the temperature of your refrigerator exactly where you want it. An LCD display lets you know the temperature at any time.

You won’t find a nicer undercabinet outdoor refrigerator than this HCK model. It is built to last a long time no matter where you put it and will look good in any setting.   

Summit Appliance Shallow Depth Indoor/Outdoor Beverage Cooler

The Summit beverage cooler may be smaller than the other units at 17 inches in depth and 19 inches wide but doesn’t lack in features.

This undercounter refrigerator comes is in the low to mid range cost for the fridges we’re looking at in this product guide. The higher price comes with high-quality construction materials such as stainless steel and glass rather than plastic.

These are some of the other notable design features of the Summit Beverage Cooler

  • Freestanding unit: While this cooler fits easily under most standard counters, it can also stand easily on its own to act as a stand or side table.
  • Double-paned insulated glass: The double-paned glass in the door of this cooler retains visibility but allows the cooler to keep drinks just as cold as metal-faced refrigerators without running up a huge utility bill.
  • Reversible handle: The reversible handle on the fridge door allows it to be opened easily from either direction. This can increase the fridge’s versatility when it comes to planning the layout of an undercounter space. 
  • Automatic Defrost: The automatic defrost features help users by reducing maintenance costs over the lifetime of the frig.

For someone who is looking for a sturdy workhorse of a compact fridge to go under their outdoor bar counter, the undercounter fridges at Summit are well worth a look. 

Outdoor Refrigerators Are the Perfect Patio Companion

No matter which model of outdoor undercounter refrigerator you go with, adding one to your outdoor patio setup can make it easier to entertain guests without having to excuse yourself to the kitchen constantly to wait on them. And in case your outdoor frig isn’t cooling, here’s what to check.

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