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Can You Block a Neighbor’s Window for More Privacy?

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Privacy can be a sacred thing when it comes to living in close proximity to your neighbor’s next door. Blocking the windows can help relieve the fishbowl feeling you may have by being exposed to the people living by you. If you are looking for ways to block a neighbor’s window, you may be pondering the different kinds of ways to do this.

It is possible to block a neighbor’s window. Investing in landscaping options such as trees or tall shrubs, building a fence between houses, or adding window treatments to the inside of a home are viable options when blocking a neighbor’s window. 

shrubbery fence between neighbors

Between the inside of your house and the outside, there are many ways to go about fixing a window blocking issue. Although the options can be overwhelming, taking the time to research the best options for you and your family is important. Take a look at some of the most effective ways to block a neighbour’s window.

Outdoor Window Blocking: Yard Work and Landscaping

Blocking a neighbour’s window by adding landscaping elements to your yard is an option to consider if you are willing to put in the time and effort to redesign a large area. If you are willing to invest in this option, then landscaping items you should consider are things like. 

  • Trees
  • Tall shrubs or bushes
  • Fencing

In order to achieve the best look and feel for your yard, doing thorough research on each of these options will help you decide which option is the most cost effective and realistic option for your family. 


In order for this window blocking option to be effective, the trees planted would have to be taller and more mature. Typically, when a tree is planted, it is in the beginning stages of growth and not very tall.

By contacting a local nursery, you can find trees that are for sale that are close to fully grown to plant in your yard to create a living privacy fence without waiting for a new one to grow to full size in a matter of years. 

If you do choose to start small, as it grows, keep in mind that it may only block out first story window views in the beginning, but grow to full size and only block out second or higher story windows after that. Once fully grown, trees can also provide shade for outdoor recreation as well. 

Tall Shrubs or Bushes

A quick way to block out window views without waiting for the maturing or growth of landscape is to include taller shrubs and certain bushes. Tall shrubs typically grow taller than they do wide so these are easy to add in a front, back, or side yard without taking up a lot of space, but also creating more privacy. 

Large bushes can be incorporated instead of tall shrubs if you are only trying to block a first story window and do not have to worry about windows on the second story of a home. Some bushes can spread to larger areas than desired so be sure to do your research on which type you are considering adding to your yard if you only have a certain amount of space to work with.

Use Fenced-In Yard to Block Neighbor’s Window

Just like the large bushes that can create privacy from first-floor windows, fencing in your yard or adding a partial fence to one part of your yard can be effective, but only if you are needing to block a neighbour’s window that is on the first floor of a home or building. You can also use climbing plants to create more privacy with the fence.

Depending on material, height, and length, fencing can be expensive, so drawing up a plan and knowing the cost before starting this type of project is important. Choosing to add both tall shrubs and a fence is another way to block first and second-story windows if you need to create the privacy for a two-story home.

Indoor Window Blocking Options

Some or all of the outdoor options may not be realistic or a possibility due to different factors. If this is the case, indoor options would need to be considered. If cost or space is a factor that plays into outdoor options not being probable, think of implementing these decorating choices inside your own home:

  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Lamps

These options are the solutions for a quick fix and will take less time to incorporate into your home design than the outdoor options. A quick trip to a home goods store to purchase these indoor options is more convenient than the landscaping route if you want a quicker answer to the window blocking issue.

Cost Effective Window Treatments

One of the easiest ways to block a neighbour’s window from the inside of your home is to add curtains. Not only can they brighten a room and add character, they serve a dual purpose in hiding views of the outside as well.

From dark curtains that block out wandering eyes and outside light, to sheer or lighter options that still allow natural sunlight to come in but also hinder neighbours from seeing inside, the possibilities can be endless. Some can be floor length while others go only partially over the window. This option is the easiest to manipulate as well because you have the power to open or close them at your own leisure.

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, this is your best bet. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on curtains and accessories. It is an easy enough project to take on yourself and save in the long run. There is no need to hire a designer or pay someone to do it for you when you can easily choose fabric, buy the hardware, and hang them yourself. 

A Partial Indoor, Partial Outdoor Option

Shutters are not something that are probably considered too often but they would solve the privacy issue if you are looking for something out of the norm. In most cases, these would have to be installed on the outside of the home to block the entire window. By opening the window from the inside, you have the ability to close the shutters and block out any view of the outside.

There are also indoor wooden shutters that can be installed in place of curtains. By moving them up and down, you can open them as wide as you prefer in order to allow little or a lot of natural light to come through.

Lamps and Lighting

If you do not want to completely block out an entire window from the outside, placing a floor lamp or table with a lamp on it in front of a window can still create a sense of privacy. It may not block a neighbour’s window view all the way, but it will not allow them to fully see into your home.

At night, if your lamp is turned on, from the outside, all you will see is the glow of the bulb and not see any further into the home. During the day, even if the lamp is not on, from the outside, all you will be able to see is the lamp taking up the window space and not anything past it on the inside.


There are many options available to block a neighbour’s window and if one is not possible, there are other routes to take to accomplish the same goal. If you have the yard space to include landscaping, trees, bushes, and fencing can create great depth to your yard while being practical at the same time. Indoor window treatments are the less expensive route and can add character and vibrancy to your home interior. 

By weighing each option and narrowing down which will work best for you, attaining a blocked neighbor’s window is pragmatic and realistic. Asking your friends and family for their opinions, visiting a local nursery for advice, and doing your due diligence in your research can make this process smooth and easy to accomplish.   

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