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Fire Pit Ring Buyer’s Guide

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If you are out in nature enjoying a crisp fall evening, the last thing you want to worry about is your campfire spreading into the surrounding woods. The right fire pit ring will be able to provide heat and a beautiful fire while staying safe and creating a calming ambiance. 

When looking for a great fire pit ring, look for the following attributes:

  • Correct size for your pit
  • Thicker rings will hold up longer
  • Cost varies on different features and appearance
  • Customer Reviews

Fire pit rings will safely maintain a fire, protecting both you and everything around your space. Whether you are sitting around a campfire in the woods or relaxing by a backyard fire pit, the benefits of a fire ring are extensive.

In this article, we will discuss what an actual fire pit ring is, how to find the right type of fire pit ring, and other basic components of the process of buying a fire pit ring. 

fire pit ring

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The Basics of a Fire Pit Ring

A fire pit ring is a circular structure that reinforces the casement of your fire pit. Typically made of steel or iron, fire pit rings have two main jobs: to keep the innards of the ring together and to protect whatever is on the outside of the ring from fire damage. Though not required for a fire pit to function properly, we highly suggest buying one so that you can have a lasting outdoor piece.

This article will focus on fire pit rings for the purpose of protecting your fire pit, but, as mentioned above, fire pit rings can just as easily be used in the woods or while camping. There is not too much to say about the purpose of fire pit rings in this case except for the fact that a lone fire pit ring in the woods is meant solely for the purpose of preventing your fire from spreading to places you would not like it to. 

On the other hand, the more common use of fire pit rings –  installed inside the inner wall of home or recreational fire pits – have more responsibility than just keeping a fire contained. They are used for protection of your outer wall. They help the aesthetically pleasing part of your fire pit last longer.

The outside of a fire pit – that is, the part that looks fancy – is usually made of concrete, marble, or other types of stones. While these materials are the main reason fire pits are so appealing, they are not equal.

Their job mostly deals with the cosmetic side of things; their architectural designs bring your backyard together as a nice-looking social spot. After many uses, however, they might begin to deteriorate without proper care and protection. Here’s how we put together our built in paver fire pit.

Not everybody uses a fire pit ring, but it is recommended. Think of it as a protective lining to your fire pit. You love the way your fire pit looks, and you would hate for it to be damaged in any way, correct? Well, if you do not invest in a fire pit ring, your pit might already be on its way to destruction. 

Most fire pit rings are circular, as most fire pits tend to be round. However, some come in different shapes such as rectangles and squares, and you can even customize a fire pit ring to fit your particular pit.

Do I Really Need A Fire Pit Ring?

You might not yet be convinced that you should buy a fire pit ring, but it will prove beneficial in the long run. Fire pits provide the following:


As most fire pit rings are made of steel or iron, they are quite hard to damage. This includes fire damage. If you do not have a fire pit ring lining your pit wall, the outside components of your wall will be at a greater risk of being damaged from the flames of your fire. Fire sitting under cement or stone for too long can force unwanted consequences like cracks and disfigurement. 

Fires can generate heat over 1,000 degrees, which can easily cause problems if a fire pit is not well maintained and high quality. Fire pit rings help prevent irreplaceable flame damage.


Along with protecting the outer layer of your fire pit, the fire ring provides structural support that lengthens the life of your fire pit. The steel or iron walls of the ring help to keep the surrounding stone in place. Of course, the stone – or whatever is used for the outer part of your fire pit – will be securely fastened together during construction adhesive, but fire pit rings aid in keeping that form together.


Investing in a fire ring is a safer choice. On top of protecting the outside of your fire pit so well, a ring also helps keep the fire inside a certain parameter. The outer wall keeps the bad things in and the good things out, or vice versa. 

A spreading, uncontrollable fire is the last thing you want to develop, especially near your home. The steel or similar material that makes up a fire pit ring is exceptionally resistant to extreme temperatures. It will keep your fire in its assigned place.

Fire Pit Rings Materials

fire pit ring material

Not all fire pit rings are exactly the same, but the fact that they have the same duty makes most of them quite similar. In this section, we will first continue discussing characteristics of fire pit rings for actual fire pits, and then we will briefly cover lone fire pit rings for things like campfires.

If you go looking for a fire pit ring to insert as a lining into your fire pit, chances are that it is going to be made of steel. Sometimes you may find a ring made of or containing iron, copper, or other durable metals, but typically steel is the main component. The use of a steel frame and the like has its benefits. 

Steel is used because, though it can withstand severe temperatures, it can also be welded into different shapes. Most fire pits are circular, but if need be, the steel can be formed into a square, oval, or anything else you might need.

Another reason steel is used is its ability to withstand the heat from a fire. While steel is not indestructible, it will be damaged less by fire than the outer wall of your fire pit would.

Even if it were to reach a certain temperature that would cause it to soften a bit, it still holds an immense amount of strength and protection. Rocks, bricks, or any other material used in the construction of the outside of your fire pit will not react to fire over time as strongly as a steel frame will.

In addition to such powerful and fire resistant metals being used for a fire pit ring, the ring might also be coated with some type of layer that makes it even more fire resistant. The coatings are nothing major; just an extra layer of fire resistant paint or paste. Though it may not seem like a major attribute, every little detail has its benefits. 

Depending upon which type of fire pit ring you choose will result in whether or not it has a paint finish. Some people claim that the finish burns off after the first use, but others like the idea of as much added protection as possible.

Things to Look for in a Fire Pit Ring

Specific characteristics of fire pit rings range when looking at different brands. Some of those differences include:

  • Thickness
  • Price
  • Size
  • Material

Does The Thickness Of A Fire Pit Ring Matter?

Although all fire pit rings take care of the same problems, they are not all identical. One of the differences between fire pit rings is the thickness of the steel used. Any fire pit ring is generally going to get the job done, but thicker material often proves the most reliable. 

This is not always the case, for there is a chance you might find a fire pit ring that works best for you and does not necessarily have the thickest layers. But many fire pit rings are proven more effective in reviews by the claim that thicker is better.

Fire pit ring thickness usually ranges anywhere from 1mm to 4mm. The thickness of the steel is taken into consideration for pricing, so the thicker your ring, the more it will cost. Also keep in mind that 4mm is extremely thick; you may not necessarily need that much steel to produce results. 

Additionally, choosing a certain ring thickness can affect the size of your fire pit ring, which needs to be accurate. Plus, different brands that manufacture fire pits will have their own specific prices.

What Size Fire Pit Ring Do I Need?

The dimensions of a fire pit ring are important. You don’t want to buy a ring that is the wrong size to fit inside your pit. The height of the walls of a fire pit are between 6 to 12 inches. The fire pit ring does not always reach all the way to the bottom of the pit. It mostly protects the upper, more exposed parts of your outer wall.

Most fire pit rings are manufactured to certain sizes. As a result you might have trouble finding the exact size you need for the inner diameter of your fire pit. The diameter of the space where your fire pit will go is usually between 24 to 46 inches. With that said, there is a big possibility that you will be able to find the right size.

In the instance where you are not able to find a correctly sized ring, you can have one customized to your liking. However, customization will add to the expense of your purchase, so make sure you look thoroughly for rings offered online and in stores.

How Much Does A Fire Pit Ring Cost?

Typically, you will not be able to find a fire pit ring under $150. Still, most rings made by reliable brands probably average about $220 to $400. If you customize your own ring; that could add another hefty fee to your total cost. 

The majority of pricing on fire pit rings depends on the material your ring is made with and the size – including diameter, length, and thickness. However, since almost all fire pit rings are made of steel or something very similar to steel, the price range will be similar.

The price of a fire pit ring might also be affected by the ring lip. Most rings have a lip, but not all. The lip of the fire pit ring is an extension of the steel that covers the inner edges of the outer wall.

Since lips are pretty common on fire pit rings, they will not likely jack up the price too much; their accessory is taken into account in that base $220 to $400 range.

Fire Pit Ring Vs. Campfire Rings

Now, to get to more basic fire rings used for things like campfires: these types of fire pit rings are very different from fire pit rings meant to be used as a fire pit lining. For the sake of avoiding confusion, we will refer to them as “campfire rings.” Campfire rings are any type of ring meant for a fire not inside of a man-made pit.

Campfire rings, as previously stated, are used out in the woods or other areas to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading into a wildfire. Campfire rings are reliable, however, they may not be as dependable as a fire pit ring. 

For starters, campfire rings cannot be used as the lining inside a fire pit. They are not meant for long-term use. After you use a campfire ring a number of times, you will notice its surface begin to deteriorate and rust from corrosion. They might be made of the same steel as fire pit rings, but they are not meant to withstand the heat of a fire over a long period of time.

While campfire rings may not be as efficient as fire pit rings, they do have at least one neat advantage: they come in all sorts of designs. Since they are often much thinner than fire pit rings, their metal is more malleable and can be bent and shaped into different designs to make pictures, logos, or phrases. If you are looking to buy a campfire ring, the possibilities are much more varied.

Our Top Picks for a Fire Pit Ring

Here are our favorite fire pit rings:

VBENLEM Heavy Duty Solid Steel Fire Pit Ring

fire pit ring

It has a 3mm thick ring that should last for quite some time. It has three different sizes to fit most fire rings.

Pros of VBENLEM:

  • Backed by proven customer satisfaction
  • Paint finish on the outside allows for both protection from extreme heat and harsh weather
  • Easy assembly


  • Some customers reported problems with the assembly process and lack of instructions
  • Some shipments were not delivered safely, resulting in damaged parts before assembly

Sunnydaze Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit Ring / Liner

fire pit ring

Sunnydaze is a popular brand when it comes to anything involving welding. Their name ensures reliable value.

Pros :

  • Offers three different diameter sizes
  • Durable through tough weather and extreme temperatures
  • High-end price range suggests dependability
  • Has a ring lip


  • Some customers have reported that the product rust quickly


steel fire pit ring

This ring is your get-the-job done fire pit ring. It is simple and functional. We have a titan made grill grate and can attest to the long durability of Titan products.


  • Provides outer wall with the ultimate protection
  • Medium price range
  • Simple, flattering design offers the opportunity to decorate around it or leave it a bit exposed
  • Hybrid-type fire pit ring; pictures include it being used as a pit ring liner and as a standalone campfire ring


  • Does not have a paint finish, though the manufacturer claims paint finishes are irrelevant

Finding The Right Ring For You

After you have read this article, we hope you have a pretty good idea of what it is that you need to look for in a fire pit ring. After finding out the specific dimensions you will need, the only other action required is to figure out your preference. Do some research and find the right fire pit ring for you.

We highly recommend investing in a fire pit ring. It will provide maximum protection from the flames while also ensuring that your fire stays put. In the end, it will keep your fire pit in shape and give it a long life.

Your evenings spent with family and friends around the fire have just begun. Be sure to checkout our list of the top 9 fire pits for the colder weather ahead!

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