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Top 9 Backyard Fire Pits for a Cozy 2024

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Are you in need of a backyard fire pit as the weather turns cold?

Since ancient times, gathering around a fire outdoors to keep warm or just enjoy the fire is a popular pastime. Backyard fire pits are the perfect place to unwind and relax. A cozy place to spend time with our families and friends.

Yet, picking the right fire pit can be a challenge. Firepits are made from a variety of metals and can use several different fuel sources. We’ve picked the best fire pits which we grouped according to their fuel usage. Discover the best backyard fire pits below.

TIKI Brand Retreat Smokeless Fire Pit Rectangular...
Our Pick
BLUMFELDT Fireball - Fire Bowl, Tilting Fireplace,...
Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Steel Wood-Burning...
TIKI Brand Retreat Smokeless Fire Pit Rectangular...
BLUMFELDT Fireball - Fire Bowl, Tilting Fireplace,...
Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Steel Wood-Burning...
TIKI Brand Retreat Smokeless Fire Pit Rectangular...
TIKI Brand Retreat Smokeless Fire Pit Rectangular...
Our Pick
BLUMFELDT Fireball - Fire Bowl, Tilting Fireplace,...
BLUMFELDT Fireball - Fire Bowl, Tilting Fireplace,...
Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Steel Wood-Burning...
Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Steel Wood-Burning...

The Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – Smokeless Large 19.5 Inch

portable fire pit

Solo Stove’s smokeless fire pit is a sleek minimalist stainless steel fire pit. This cool fire pit was engineered to provide a a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. With a dimension of 19.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches, it offers several unique features.

  • Innovative Features

Double wall design maximizes airflow and burning process. Bottom vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove and back into the fire.

  • Well-made Design

The fire pit will never rust with it’s all stainless steel construction.

  • Cost to Value

It’s unique design creates a smokeless fire pit which is well worth the price for the Solo Stove. We bought the Yukon model with all the accessories because we wanted a larger fire pit with the smokeless design.

BLUMFELDT Fire Bowl, Tilting Fireplace Fire Pit

fireplace fire pit

Coming up second is the Blumfeldt Tilting Fire Bowl. It offers an innovative design for a fire pit that can double as an outdoor fireplace. You can use it diagonally as well as horizontally making it more versatile. Its good looks and extra tools that come with it, propels it into our list.

  • Durable Materials

It is made with extra thick steel for a robust and sturdy design. The three leg stand makes it very stable whether it’s used horizontally or diagonally.

  • Cost to Value

Besides its features, Blumfeldt provides you with a stand, poker, grate and a cover. Fore the price, this very cool looking fire pit will make a great addition on a patio or terrace.

Tiki Smokeless Fire Pit

tiki fire pit

Next up, we have the Tiki Smokeless Fire Pit. Similar to the Solo stove this is a great fire pit if you want more flames and less smoke coming out of your fire pit. Even though it’s only 21 inches wide and 16 inches tall, it has a heat radius of 4 feet keeping everyone nice and cozy.

  • Rust proof Stainless Steel Material

The simple design of the Tiki comes from its material. Made from stainless steel that is powder coated black, this patio fire pit is strong and sturdy. Expect it to last decades with proper care and maintenance.

  • Cost to Value

Considering its price tag, the Tiki is more affordable then the Solo stove simply for the added extras that come with it. Removeable ash pan, cover and stand all included in the price vs having to purchase them separately.

Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Large Outdoor Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit

The Sunnydaze Fire Pit offers a classic design for a fire pit. It covers an area of 36 inches wide and 24 inches tall giving it a large space to burn wood. With the cross weave grate design, the heat is dispersed all around the fire pit rather just around the top like other fire pits.

  • Great for Large Gatherings

This is the perfect fire pit to for a big party to stay warm. With it’s large and open design, it puts out a lot of heat to keep everyone warm.

  • High-quality Build

The distinctive feature of the Sunnydaze is its build material. It’s made with steel that is 1.7mm thick and coated with black rust resistant paint. A weather resistant cover is included along with a large spark screen and poker.

  • Cost to Value

Sunnydaze delivered an amazing fire pit with an affordable price tag. Consider it if you’re looking for an easily maintainable fire pit.

Veranda Concrete Paver Fire Pit Kit

fire in paver fire pit

If you’re up for a little bit of DIY, then this paver fire pit kit is a great addition to your backyard. This built in fire pit is roughly 44 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall. We even have a video showing how to build this fire pit.

  • Well-made Design

The fire pit will last a long time since it’s made from durable stone pavers. The insert is powder coated metal to prevent rusting. Thus, it offers heat resistance to complement its cool looks. We’ve had ours a couple of years and it’s still not rusting in our brutal Florida weather.

The Best Propane Fire Pits

32″ Propane Firepit Table

fire pit table

The Ciays fire pit is the first propane fire pit on our list. It comes with a sleek black antique copper design. With a dimension of 32 x 32 x 25 inches, it’s a classic take for your patio fireplace.

  • Moderate All-purpose Heat

This propane fire pit can produce heat up to 50,000 BTU. It’s perfect for warming up the night or having roasts. It uses a pulse ignition system that makes it easy to light and extinguish the flames.

  • Long-lasting Durable Materials

Beyond its practicality, the Ciays Fire Pit is made with long-lasting materials. Stainless steel burner and control switch as well as lava rock.

  • Cost to Value

Propane gas tanks are typically more expensive than wood-fueled fire pits. Yet, with the value and convenience it offers, it’s still a great fire pit to consider. Fulfill your inexpensive backyard design ideas with this fireplace.

Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table

gas fire pit table

Next up, another great fire pit table! With a dimension of 28 x 28 x 25 inches, the Bali is a capable and worthy fireplace. It offers great features and extras!

  • Great Heat Output

The Bali puts out a lot of heat which makes for cozy evenings hanging with friends and family. It can heat up to 50,000 BTU which will keep everyone warm.

  • Multifunction Fire Pit

When not being used as a fire pit, the included cover allows it to be used as an outdoor coffee table or end table.

  • Cost to Value

With the current price tag, the Bali fireplace is very recommended. Everything is included, even the blue fire glass. All you need to add is a propane tank!

27″ Best Choice Products Stone Fire Pit

stone fire pit table

The Stone Best Choice Fire pit offers a built-in look with it’s natural stone siding It has a dimension of 27 x 27 x 9.5 inches with lots to offer.

  • All-in-one Package

Best Choice offers you its fire pit with several amenities. Your purchase includes stainless steel burner, lava rocks and weather-proof cover.

  • No Assembly

This is as easy as unbox, connect to gas and start enjoying your fire pit with no assembly needed

  • Cost to Value

Although only capable of heating up to 30,000 BTU, it will keep you warm and cozy and happy that you didn’t spend a lot more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing a fire pit?

Fire pits come in a variety of settings. There are differences in purpose, fuel type, weight, size, and price. Get the fire pit according to your needs for the best experience.

What are the best fire pits to buy?

Before you buy a fire pit, imagine the purpose and usage of your fire pit. What is it used for? How much are you willing to spend? Do you like it big or small? Do you prefer gas or wood?

The best fire pits are the ones that fit with your backyard landscaping and patio ideas. Knowing what you need and want will lead you to buy the best fire pits available. It’s also best knowing when fire pits go on sale.

Which fire pit gives off the most heat?

There are no certain fire pits that give off the most heat. Each fire pit varies in its capabilities for producing heat. Depending on its type, each fire pit can produce different heat levels. Take firewood fire pits for example.

They can produce 600°C on average. With drier woods and more oxygen, you can push them up to 1000°C. However, gas-fueled fire pits vary according to their specifications.

The manufacturers often provide the heating capability of the fire pits in BTU. A general propane-gas-fueled fire pit provides around 30,000-50,000 BTU output.

What should I set my fire pit on?

In general, it’s common practice to set your fire pit on something flat, not slippery and more importantly, not flammable. Tilting or sliding your fire pit while using will always result in a bad experience.

Is stainless steel good for fire pits?

Certainly, stainless steel ensures that there is no rust buildup in your fire pit. Stainless steel also promotes more durability and longevity for your fire pit.

Can you roast marshmallows over a gas fire pit?

Yes, the average temperature of a gas fire pit is often suitable for cooking. Easily adjust the heat and roast by setting the length of your marshmallow to the fire. Be sure to check out our article to know more about roasting these delicious treats.

How do you increase the flame of a fire pit?

For wood-fueled fire pits, you can add dry wood into the fire. Also, you can blow in more oxygen. That will increase the flame of your fire pit. Meanwhile, for gas-fueled pits, simply adjust the knob to adjust its heat.


We hope we’ve given you several good options for your creative fire pit landscape ideas. I can’t imagine our backyard without a fire pit since that’s where everyone wants to gather around. If you do go with a wood fire pit, its very important to know how to put out a fire pit safely. Good luck!

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