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How To Remove Paint From A Concrete Patio

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Whether you painted your entire patio and now regretting your choices or you just spilled paint on your patio, we’ll show you both ways to remove paint from a concrete patio.

Painting a concrete patio can add a lot of aesthetic value but what do you do when that paint beings to fade and chip away or you regret painting it in the first place. You may be wondering how you can remove the old paint from your patio so you can give it a fresh new look.

Knowing the best method for removing paint from concrete will make the job much easier. Continue reading to learn more about the different methods used to remove old paint from a concrete patio.

Work Smarter Not Harder When Removing Paint From Concrete

Removing old paint from a concrete patio can be a tough job especially if it has been there for many years.

Multiple methods can be used to remove old paint to restore a concrete patio such as:

  • A chemical paint stripper
  • Pressure washing
  • Sandblasting
  • Soda blasting

In some cases, a combination of methods must be used to completely remove the old paint.

This article will give more details on the methods mentioned above so you are not left on your hands and knees wishing you had hired a professional. 

Prepping the Concrete for Paint Removal

Regardless of which method you choose there will be some prep work that needs to be done before getting started.

Before you begin the paint removal process it is helpful to scrub the surface with soapy water and follow with a good pressure washing to remove any loose paint chips and debris. This may be all you need for a small accidental paint spill.

Once your surface has been cleaned you can begin one of the following methods discussed in the next section.

The Stripping and Scraping Method

This is one of the more common DIY methods for removing old paint from concrete. Begin with a clean dry patio. Pour a thick layer of paint stripper over the entire surface and work it in with a large broom or large scrub brush.

Once the surface has been thoroughly covered allow the paint stripper to sit for between four and twenty-four hours depending upon the brand you have chosen.

Here are some examples of paint strippers you can use:

These are just a few examples of products available to strip paint from concrete. The length of time you let the paint stripper sit will also depend upon how thick the paint is that needs to be removed.

After you have let the paint stripper sit for the necessary amount of time it is time to get busy with a heavy-duty scraper. The scraper will only work if your concrete patio is smooth. If it has a rough texture you will need to scrub the paint off with a wire brush with pole attachment.

You will begin on one end and work your way all over the surface until you have peeled all of the old paint off. Once you are satisfied that the majority of the paint has been scraped off it is time to fire up the pressure washer again.

Give the patio a good spraying so you can see if any paint remains. In some cases, you will need to repeat this process a few times until you are satisfied with the results.

Once you are happy with the outcome you can give the patio a good washing with a degreaser to remove any residue. Now you can reseal or repaint the concrete to give it an updated appearance.

To learn about the other options for removing paint from a concrete patio continue reading.

Other Methods for Removing Paint from a Concrete Patio

While the first method discussed is the most widely used these other options can be just as effective when done properly by someone with experience.

Pressure Washing

If you prefer to remove your old patio paint sans chemicals, you can achieve this task with a pressure washer only. The key to this is to be sure you are using a pressure washer that has a PSI of at least 3000 or it will not be enough to blast the paint from the concrete.

DO NOT use a pressure washer at this pressure if you are not experienced.

A word of caution when using a pressure washer, it can damage the concrete surface if it is not in good condition or if you are using too much PSI.

Sand Blasting and Soda blasting

Sand blasting and soda blasting are also effective ways to remove paint from concrete patios however they can damage the surface if done improperly. Soda blasting is gentler on your concrete than sand blasting.

If the surface is damaged too badly it can be costly to repair. In many cases, these methods are best left to the professionals unless you are experienced.

Using Correct Methods Gets Job Done Faster

As you can see it is not difficult to remove paint from a concrete patio, but it does take some time and patience. If you use the correct tools and methods, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you are able to transform your concrete from a drab to a happening slab.

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