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Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck?

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A solo stove is a great fire pit for your backyard. All the fun of a fire pit without all the hassle of smoke everywhere.

If you have a deck, you may be wondering if you can use the solo stove on your deck.

It is safe to use a solo stove on a wood deck, as long as you use the solo stove stand. Adding a fire proof mat would add an extra layer of security.

Do not use the solo stove directly on a wood deck without the solo stove stand as the heat could damage the deck.

Fire Pit Mats

Should I Use a Stand or a Fire Pit Mat? 

A solo stove should not be placed directly on a wood deck, as this can cause damage over time.

Instead, a solo stove should have a stand and preferably a fireproof mat underneath it. There are benefits to using both, but the solo stand is an absolute necessity.

A solo stove comes with a stand that you can set the firepit on.

The solo stove stand is made of 304 stainless steel and has holes designed to radiate residual heat from the fire pit.

solo stove stand

This means the heat that the solo stove radiates will go into the stand, rather than the wooden deck.

It will prevent any damage from being caused, such as scorch marks or damage to any paint or stains. 

We use this heat resistant fireproof mat with our solo stove and stand. It give us peace of mind for an extra layer of protection. The mat is very thick and has a vinyl bag for storage.

If you’re an extra cautious person, you could also put (4) 12″ concrete pavers on your deck then use the solo stove and stand on top.

However, using the stove stand is required, as this is the most effective way to stay safe and keep your deck from being damaged. 

How Far Should The Solo Stove Be From My House?

The recommended amount of distance the solo stove should be from your house is six feet.

This is an adequate amount of distance to prevent the flames from catching on something and causing a house fire. 

Solo stoves use open flames to heat up, and these flames can cause accidents easily if you’re not careful.

Strong winds can pick up the flames, and then catch onto something flammable like a lawn chair or outdoor umbrella.

Because of this, keeping the stove at least six feet away from your house and six feet away from anything flammable is recommended. 

While a wooden deck is flammable, the stand and a fireproof mat will prevent flames from catching on the deck.

You’ll be good to go if the stove isn’t near anything else flammable. 

Can I Use a Solo Stove on Other Types of Decks? 

You can use a solo stove on other decks, such as hardwood and composite decks.

You will have to take the same safety precautions as a wooden deck, but the stoves are safe to use if you follow those safety rules. 

While wooden decks are the more common type of deck, trex and composite decks are also popular.

While a solo stove can also be used on those types of decks, the same safety precautions must be taken.

You also may need to take some extra precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you, including your outdoor items. 

Using a Solo Stove on a Composite Deck

A composite deck is made of a composite material of wood fibers and plastic film. Using a solo stove on a composite deck is safe, as long as you use a stand and a fireproof mat. 

The two main things that are required to use a solo stove safely on a composite deck are a solo stove stand and a fireproof mat.

The solo stand will create adequate airspace between the deck and the solo stove, preventing any possible damage.

A fireproof mat placed under the stand will increase the protection and protect the deck from any heat that radiates from the bottom of the stove.  

If you want to upgrade your deck to composite, here’s the best decking.

Using a Solo Stove on a Hardwood Deck

A hardwood deck is made from ipe, cumaru, garapa etc. You can also use a solo stove on a hardwood deck.

Hardwood decks are naturally dense which have a higher fire rating than most other woods. Ipe has a Class A Fire Rating and is the most heat resistant decking on the market.

A hardwood deck can handle more heat than a regular wood deck and even some composites. With an Ipe deck, only the solo stove stand is necessary.

Final Thoughts 

The solo stove is a great smoke-free fire pit, but should only be used with their solo stand on a wood deck.

We have the Yukon model and use it on our pressure treated stained deck all the time without any issues.

We bought the yukon bundle with the stand and shield included to reduce heat and sparks on our deck on a black friday sale.

I can’t say enough good things about Solo stove fire pits and hope we’ve answered your question about using it on your wood deck.

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