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Does Lowes Cut Wood?

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lowes employee cutting plywood

Yes, most if not all Lowes, just like Home Depot, has a large vertical panel saw that can cut different pieces of wood. Always call first to verify if they have someone that can run the saw that day.

Sometimes the saw isn’t working or sometimes they don’t have trained employees on duty that can run the saw. The vertical panel saw will be located in the back of the lumber section in most stores.

What Type of Wood Does Lowes Cut

Their vertical panel saw is very good at cutting large pieces of plywood panels, MDF panels, OSB panels and PVC panels.

While I haven’t had any 2×4’s cut by Lowes, I hear they will cut those down as well. They will cut any species of the wood as well as pressure treated wood.

Will Lowes Make Intricate Cuts in the Wood?

No, you will get a standard straight cut in a piece of smaller wood and a straight cut or rip in a large panel. That means no diagonal or round or any other shape of cuts in any piece of wood.

It also means there is a limit with the thickness of the wood that can be cut.

Does Lowes Charge to Cut Wood?

This is not an easy yes or no question. Personally, I have never been charged by my local Lowes to have them cut wood I’ve purchased from their store. But, this is not the case at all Lowes.

I asked the Lowes associate that cut my wood if they charge and he said only when someone asks them to cut a large number of pieces.

You will need to call your local store to see if they charge to cut wood. What I’m hearing is that some stores will charge per cut after the first cut in each board, but I had two free cuts in a piece of plywood.

If they do charge you, it’s a very small amount. I would still have them cut larger panels down even if they start charging me.

Will Lowes Cut Wood Not Purchased from Their Store?

No, they only cut wood that is purchased at that particular store. There is too much liability for them to cut wood that they don’t sell.

If you need a piece of wood cut, try a local lumber store or even a local cabinetmaker. Both of these types of businesses will have every type of saw imaginable.

They will charge you but if you have no other way to cut your piece of wood, it might be a good option. It will also be a good option if you need a very precise cut as well.

Why Have Lowes Cut The Wood?

There are several really good reasons listed below to have Lowes cut the wood you’re purchasing from their store.

Cut Wood is Easier to Transport

plywood in back of suv

The first is that it is easier to transport a large panel of plywood once it it cut. While some people have trucks to transport large pieces of wood, many people do not.

A 4 foot wide by 8 foot long piece of plywood is very hard to fit in anything other than the back of a truck or large 3 row SUV with the seats down. If you’re able to cut it down to (4) 2×4 pieces, it should fit in most car trunks.

Cutting Large Panels Down is Cheaper

Second reason to have Lowes cut your wood is because it is much cheaper to buy the large 4×8 plywood and have it cut by Lowes, then purchasing the smaller cut pieces of plywood.

Example of prices in November 2022, 4×8 sanded birch plywood is $80, while a 2×4 sanded birch plywood is $40. So two of the 2×4 pieces, which is only half of the 4×8, costs the same. Having the 4×8 cut down into (4) pieces saves you $80 dollars.

No Way to Cut Large Panel at Home

The last reason, is that even if you have a way to transport the large piece of plywood home, you may not have the best tools to cut it down yourself. I have many power tools, but manhandling a heavy 4×8 piece of plywood is no fun and can be very dangerous to cut.

I have many years of experience in cutting large panels of wood down with a circular saw and can do it safely.

Most newer DIYers or homeowners won’t have that knowledge and it can be very intimidating. Having Lowes cut the panel will alleviate all that stress and save you back from carrying that heavy panel around.

How Precise Are Lowes Cut Wood?

While the measurements will be very close, they aren’t fine woodworking precise. But more than likely they’re within an 1/8 close.

Luckily with the panel saw, it makes a fairly straight and accurate cut. Just be careful with the thinner panels, as they have a tendency to bend for less accurate cuts.

If you’re working with panels, you may need to adjust your measurement to fit the panel with the additional 1/8 inch blade cut.

Example, you want 12 inch deep shelves made out of one plywood panel. Due to the 1/8 blade difference, you will only get (3) 12 inch deep shelves and (1) 11 5/8 deep shelf. If you want them all the same, you should have the panel cut down to 11.5 or 11.75 inches.

Modifying your project measurement every so slightly will maximize the large panels without spending money on a 2nd panel.


Hopefully now you know that Lowes does indeed cut your wood as well as the benefits of why you might want them to cut it for you. I’ll be making some shelves in our outdoor laundry room with the plywood Lowes cut for me.

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