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Wood Chipper Rental: Just How Much Will It Cost You?

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We recently had a pine tree taken down at our house. During the process, I wondered how much it would have cost to rent a wood chipper to break down the tree ourselves. Our other two options were hauling it off to the dump or having to wait for it to dry before burning it in our backyard.

On average it will cost between $69-125 to rent one for the day. You can read further for a little more breakdown of what I found.

A wood chipper can be used to clean your backyard, especially when the area is filled with wooden tree debris. However, most people prefer renting a wood chipper rather than buying the whole equipment because it is cheaper.

how much does a wood chipper cost

There are many different equipment rental companies in the United States where a wood chipper can be rented out, and the price ranges depending on the state where it is rented. This article will guide you on how to rent a wood chipper and provide you with information on roughly how much it will cost.

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What to Consider Before Renting a Wood Chipper?

Engine Displacement – this refers to the power of the wood chipper that you should be renting and the bigger the cylinder of the engine, the more powerful the equipment would be. The space inside the wood chipper is measured by cubic centimeters, and the larger it is, the stronger and the more capable the machine would be.

Reduction Ratio – this ratio determines how much chipping will be produced. The best ratio for wood chippers would be 10:1, and it means that for every ten containers of backyard waste, the chippers will create a single container of chipping.

Self-Feeding Wood Chippers – wood chippers come in two styles, which are automatic and manual. In manual wood chippers, you will be the one to push the wood inside the chipper so that it can be reduced to smaller pieces. However, when renting a wood chipper, choose the one that is self-feeding to reduce your effort.

Throat Size – if you are cleaning wooden tree debris that is very thick, consider renting equipment that has a larger throat size.

Weight and Size – larger wood chippers will require additional licensing for transport, and it can add up for your expense. Smaller wood chippers, on the other hand, can be towed using a small vehicle and it will not require an additional license for transport.

small green wood chipper for rent

Power Source – you also need to consider the power source to run the equipment. There are three main choices of power source in the present – gas, diesel, or electric. Using gas chippers are more mobile because you are not required to plug it in when using the equipment.

Diesel or Gas wood chippers are great when being used in a remote location. Electric wood chippers require being plugged into a power source, but it is quieter when used. It is also slightly cheaper when compared to gas and diesel-powered wood chippers.

Towable or Trackable – when working in rough terrains, it is more advisable to use a trackable wood chipper. However, if you want to work while being extremely mobile, it is recommended to use the towable option instead.

Discs or Drums – wood chippers can either have a disc or drum mechanism and if you are after energy efficiency, using a disc mechanism is more suitable for your job. When clearing vines and strings from your backyard, it is recommended to use a wood chipper with the disc mechanism. It cuts materials more efficiently, and it will make your job easier.

Wood Chipper Construction – the most durable wood chippers are made from heavy construction material. You will be able to use it for a longer period due to this durability.

Should you rent or buy the equipment?

Some people prefer renting a wood chipper, while others prefer to buy the equipment to use regularly.

Scenarios Best for Renting Wood Chipper

If you are using the equipment for cleaning up your backyard for a single day after a tree has been removed, renting it out would be the best option.

If you need to clean a larger area that will take several days – renting will be the most cost-effective than buying the equipment. If you do this only once per year, renting is still preferable.

Scenarios For Buying a Wood Chipper

If you have a large yard or acres of land with lots of trees and using a chipper regularly, buying a wood chipper would be a good option for you.

Wood chippers also come in different shapes and sizes, and the one that you are looking for might be found hundreds of miles away. If you own the equipment, you can simply take it out of your garage and start working around your garden.

Another inconvenience when renting a wood chipper from a rental equipment company is that it may differ in detail from what was displayed online. Also be aware of the deposit needed to rent a chipper. The more expensive the equipment, the more the deposit.

When checking the website where you can rent wood chippers, you will be presented with perfectly looking equipment that looks brand new. However, when seeing the equipment up close, you will be surprised seeing that it can be old, rusty and or beat up.

If you live in a smaller town with only one rental company then you may be forced to use the old rusty chipper. However, if you have several different rental companies to choose from then you may find one or two that take better care of their equipment. Check out their reviews and what other people are saying to make sure you’re using the right rental company.

Time constraints is another issue faced by those who choose to rent a wood chipper rather than purchasing a new one. You are required to return the equipment before 5 PM, and sometimes require you to pay double if you don’t meet the deadline. If you own a wood chipper, you would not experience these inconveniences, but you would need to pay for the equipment which can cost thousands of dollars.

Where to Rent a Wood Chipper

There are a few different places you can rent a wood chipper:

The rental prices on wood chippers vary per state. If you will be renting a wood chipper from Home Depot, the prices change slightly per region.

In the Midwest, the average cost of renting a wood chipper from Home Depot for four hours would be $67. If you plan on renting the wood chipper for a whole day, you need to shell out $96. There are also rates for renting the wood chipper for one week or one month – it would be $384 if you wanted to rent it out for a week and $1,152 if you wanted to rent it for a month.

In the Midwest, all rental wood chippers would come with a trailer, making it easier to transport. Delivery options are also available, but you need to pay for $69 and additional taxes for a single way. This option is only available to those who will be renting the wood chipper for a whole day.

Renting a wood chipper from Home Depot in Norristown, Pennsylvania would cost you $69 for four hours, and $99 if you wanted to rent it for a whole day. If you wanted to rent it out for a whole week, you need to pay $396.

The cost would be around $1,188 if you opt to rent the equipment for a whole month. The delivery would be the same, at $69 per way with additional taxes, and it is only available to those who would rent the equipment for a whole day.

The prices are also different in Texas Home Depots, where the wood chipper can be rented for $68 if you will be using it within four hours. If you wanted to rent it for a day, you need to pay $97.

The prices are also different if you wanted to rent it for a week, which would easily cost you $388. Renting it for a month would cost you $1,164. The equipment can also be delivered to your home, at $69 with taxes, and it includes a trailer.

Home Depots in the West Coast also have different price ranges, but it is slightly similar to other regions. It would cost you $69 if you wanted to rent the equipment for four hours, $98 if you wanted to rent it for a day, $392 if you wanted to rent it for a week and $1,176 if you wanted to rent it for a month.

However, the only difference with other regions is that Home Depots in the West Coast would require the people to pay for a $150 deposit fee. It is required, and you would not be able to take the wood chipper home if you refuse to pay the deposit fee.

When opting for a wood chipper at smaller businesses, you need to shell out more money. For example, the rental of a wood chipper at a small shop in Ohio would easily cost you $130 (four-hour rental) for a six-inch branch chipper, since the two-inch options are unavailable.

The prices are also higher if you wanted to use it for eight hours ($165), one week ($740), and one month ($1,850). If you wanted to deliver the equipment, you are required to pay $85, and it can change depending on the distance.

Other locations in the United States where wood chippers can be rented out provide drastically different prices: In Naples, Florida, it would cost you $325 per day (six-inch wood chipper).

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, renting a wood chipper for a whole day would cost you $270. In Arizona, renting a two-inch wood chipper for a day would cost you $160, while the six-inch wood chipper can be rented for $420.

Why Rent a Wood Chipper?

Using the wood chipper to grind down your brush and trees is a great way to easily add mulch to your yard. You don’t have to worry about hauling the mulch around.

Mulch has several benefits for your yard:

  • Help retain moisture around trees and flowers
  • Can create walkways with it
  • Cuts down on weeds
  • Add nutrients to the ground and around plants


After researching all about wood chipper rentals we decided not to use one in our situation. Whether its beneficial for you to rent a wood chipper depends on how you’re going to use it. And if you have large areas of land with lots of trees, you’ll have to weight whether renting vs buying a wood chipper is the best option.

You can definitely use wood chippers for smaller branches and brush to use for your garden.

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