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Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas

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Creating the perfect outdoor Christmas light landscape can be a challenge, especially since there are so many options to choose from.

With Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about how to decorate your yard and grab the attention of all your neighbors. 

There are tons of options for outdoor Christmas lights. String lights and light garlands can be placed anywhere for both minimalistic and lavish displays. Big décor pieces like an inflatable Santa Claus or a light-up reindeer can up the fun factor tremendously. 

hanging christmas lights outside

We know that coming up with creative Christmas light ideas may be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start.

This is exactly why I have made an extensive master-list of fun lighting ideas you can try to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Outdoor String Lights Are Essential

String lights tend to be the logical first step when choosing which outdoor Christmas lights to use. String lights are extremely versatile- you can do almost anything with them. Even string them up in your backyard all year long.

You can put them up on an outdoor Christmas tree (or any tree for that matter), or you can hang them up all around the exterior of your house, along the roof, or down the stair rails. 

You also have the option to choose from a wide variety of string lights since they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can attach around your roof, but if you are looking for a more elaborate look, you might want to get mesh or curtain lights instead. 

Another positive to string lights is that they tend to run quite cheap, so you can easily buy a couple of different types without breaking the bank. 

Here are a few of my favorite string lights:

fairy lights

Fairy String Lights– These lights emit a variety of light colors, they are battery-powered, and they are easily bendable, so you can adjust them to your liking. 

curtain lights

Curtain LightsCurtain lights are great for when you want to achieve a magical, ethereal look.

mesh lights

Mesh LightsSimilar to curtain lights, mesh lights are great for decorating trees or bushes. These lights are unique because of the geometric shapes they create. 

mini snowflake lights

Mini Snowflake Lights– These delicate lights will create a lovely and romantic atmosphere for your outdoor display. 

tree lights

Color-Changing Tree LightsThese color-changing lights are fully programmable and customizable. 

Icicle Lights

icicle lights

If you want to up the level, even more, getting Ice White LED Icicle Lights might be for you. What if you live in a warmer climate, and glowing icicles are not a regular occurrence? Worry not, because you can achieve a beautiful and glistening display with LED Icicle Lights. 

Make Your Display Pop with Light Garlands


After adorning your house in string lights, you should also think about adding garlands to line your windows and your front door – this will make your house’s exterior look much more put together. You can also add light-up garlands to the railing of your patio. 

Experiment with Falling Meteor Lights

meteor lights

Add a little bit of drama to your Christmas display by placing falling meteor lights on your tree; these types of lights usually turn on in a specific sequence, so it looks like you have a meteor shower in your front yard!

This Meteor Lights Display has several different settings, so you can make it look like it’s raining or snowing in your personal winter wonderland. 

If you want your house décor to be the talk of the neighborhood and attract a lot of people, you can program your light display to be synchronized with your music. I found this guide on how to set up everything and create an even more magical atmosphere, and it is probably easier than you think!

Deck Your Doors with Christmas Wreaths


You can also consider adding a light-up wreath to your front and garage door. They act as a festive greeting for your visitors. You could opt for a tradition wreath, but why would you when you can get a lit wreath that is perfect for Christmas?

Wow Passersby with LED Lights 

LED lights are a versatile Christmas décor option that has the ability to take your display to the next level! There are many different LED light sets you can purchase. Check out the options below. 

LED Projector

led projector

You have probably seen those fancy houses in your neighborhood. Those who go above and beyond every Christmas often feature at least one LED Projector, which projects either snowflakes or a scenic background. 

If you are looking to entertain yourself and your neighbors, you can purchase an LED Projector that is specifically made for projecting movies outside. This enables you to create a unique Christmas cinema experience that everyone will remember. 

Grab Some Light-Up Christmas Presents

present decorations

Every Christmas tree needs a present underneath, which is why these Light-Up Christmas Presents are some of my favorite decorative pieces. Your display will look well-put-together with this ensemble of three gifts. They are battery-powered, and you can place them near a tree, on your windowsill, or your patio. 

Have Fun with Blow-Up Christmas Decorations

christmas inflatable decorations

If you have children, chances are they will adore having a blow-up Santa Claus greeting them every day or keeping them company while they build their own snowman. 

There is a huge range of blow-up decorations that you can get, and each will all add a playful tone to your Christmas design. 

There are even more options to consider, like getting an inflatable:

Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man

Blow-up Snowman

blowup snowman

Candy Canes

candy canes

Our Top Tips on Putting Up Lights

You have gathered ideas, you have bought your materials, now what? Putting up the Christmas lights can be a lot of work for only one person to do, so make sure you ask a friend or a neighbor to help you.

Consider Your Electricity Source

Blow-up figures and pieces that you can put on the ground are pretty self-explanatory in their setup, but you do need to think about your electricity source and make sure that you are not putting too much power through the same outlet, or using the wrong extension cords – you don’t want to cause circuit damage to your decorations or the outlets in your house. 

Think About the Placement of Your Decorations

To create a magical and aesthetically pleasing display, people need to be able to see your decorations. Look at them from multiple angles and make sure that they are not obstructed from the street view. Additionally, you don’t want to pack too many pieces in the same area because it can become too busy. 

Follow Your Instincts

After all, follow your instincts about what to include and what not to include. A good practice is to have a set theme. For example, if you are using blow-up decorations, you might want to space them out a bit and create a storyline. You have full creative control here, so take advantage of it. 

Make Your Dream Christmas Display a Reality

I hope that you found this article helpful and that you were able to get some creative ideas on how to create a lively outdoor Christmas light display. There are many different routes that you can go – from making a subdued and classy design to going all out and maximizing all of the space you have.

String lights, light-up figurines, and more are at your service to make your Christmas décor dreams come true! Don’t forget to check out our article on how to attach your Christmas lights to vinyl siding.


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