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Can Tiki Torches Be Left Out in the Rain?

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Tiki torches are a fun way to liven up any beach or backyard party. They provide light, heat, and an interesting centerpiece to outdoor decor. Citronella tiki torches even dispel mosquitoes and other pests. Tiki torches are one of the most popular outdoor features today. As with all outdoor events, you have to consider the weather, and if Tiki torches are a good option. 

It is possible to leave Tiki torches out in minor rainstorms, but they should be brought inside during downpours. Weather reliability depends on the specific tiki torch you are using. Some are made for rain, others are not.

tiki torches in rain

It is easy to decide which kind to use if you want to leave a torch in the rain. When deciding what type of Tiki torch to use if it is going to be raining, the main thing to think about is the material the torch is made of. There are several kinds to choose from, but it does not have to be hard to decide. Continue reading for a breakdown of the options. 

Tiki Torch Materials and Types

There are many kinds or types of tiki torches. If you want to set up a torch for all-weather, think about the construction of the torch. The common materials or types are: 

  • Wood and bamboo
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Solar-powered

Think carefully about this when setting up tiki torches during the rainy season. You want your torches to last in the rain and all-weather. Some of these can be quite expensive, and you do not want to be buying new torches every season. You also want to consider the safety of your pets and family. 

Wood and Bamboo

bamboo torches

Wood and bamboo torches are the most traditional style, and while they look good, they should not be left out in the rain because the material will hold on to the water causing them to crack and fall apart. These torches are the least expensive, but will not last when left in the rain for more than a season. 

The rain will also make these torches very heavy to move because of the extra water weight, this can make them difficult to move as tiki torches are top-heavy. You will want to bring them in when not in use. 

Furthermore, as these torches wear down and break, fuel could be released from the storage tank. This could ultimately cause a fire or other hazard. This can also cause safety hazards when it comes to pets and children. You will want to be careful about this and bring the torch in during a rainstorm. 


glass torches

Glass torches are also available and will not rust. They are very durable if it is only raining. However, if it is a windy rainstorm, these torches could shatter. You will want to bring them in when it is windy, as you do not want to have to be picking up pieces of glass off the ground. You also want to consider possible injury to pets and children. 

The rain will just roll off of these torches, much like a window. Another reason why these torches could be left out in the rain is the raindrops could cause rainbows in the glass, which makes for a beautiful sight. Maintenance is also easy. Leaving them in the rain gives them a natural cleaning, making less work for you. 


metal torches

Metal torches are made to stand up against the weather, and these torches will last many seasons because they are made of rust-resistant materials and finish. Furthermore, as with the glass and solar-powered torches, you can leave them outside all year, unless there is a big windstorm. This allows for easy storage and landscaping.

Conversely, the metal will start to rust and the finish will start to flake off when left out in the rain for too long a time. This can become expensive if you have to buy new ones every few years. This rust and flaking make the tiki torch look bad and will become a blight on your landscaping. 


solar powered torches

Solar-powered torches are built to be kept outside year-round. They look good and are easy to maintain, although you may bring them in during the off-season to keep them safe from winter storms. 

For solar-powered tiki torches, rain will not affect the torch when you do not want to use it. Leaving them out is fine to do because they do not have any fuel source other than the sun, making them safe in that respect. This makes solar-powered tiki torches easy to maintain and store in all weather. 

Leaving these tiki torches in the rain, however, will not charge the light since there is no sunlight during heavy storms. In this case, you may want to bring them into an interior light so you can keep them ready for your next use. Doing this will also keep them out of the weather, keeping the battery safe from any leaks in the system. 

What If You Leave Tiki Torches in the Rain?

When tiki torches are left out in the rain, several things could happen. Instances include:

  • Extinguished flames
  • Leaking fluid
  • Diluted solution
  • Broken glass
  • Deterioration

If the torch is lit, the flame may be extinguished, however, if there is a strong, blowing wind, the flame could move towards flammable objects. This is why you will want to have space between torches and other objects. 

Another possibility is that fuel could leak from the torch. This is particularly true of wood and bamboo torches. As they are left in the rain for longer amounts of time, these torches will start to fall apart, exposing the fuel reservoir and possibly causing a leak. 

This is also true of glass torches. The torches will withstand rain because of the material. In the wind, though, they may crack or shatter if the wind blows strong for a long time. You will also have the same issue with fuel leaks. You will want to bring all these torches inside during a big storm. Breaking glass could cause problems for pets and children. 

As for solar tiki torches, these were made for weather. There are no fuel issues because the torch runs on solar energy to charge the battery. That is also a downside—if left out in the rain the sun is not shining as brightly, and so will not charge as well. This results in a dimmer light the next time you use the tiki torch. 

Finally, if your tiki torch contains citronella for bug control, the rain will dilute the chemical if it mixes in. This is particularly true if it is a heavy rainstorm. If you do leave your torches out, be sure to remove the fuel for safety and to save your citronella. 


Tiki torches are an easy way to spruce up any backyard for fun and frolic. There are many designs to choose from, from glass to metal to bamboo. Each one of these has pluses and minuses. You will want to choose a material that is durable and long-lasting. 

Tiki torches can be expensive, so keep in mind the cost when deciding what material to use in rainy weather. 

Keeping tiki torches out in the rain can easily be done when using the right kind. Wood and bamboo are the least likely to survive a driving rainstorm. Metal and solar-powered torches are made for the weather, and will last nicely in all kinds of weather for many seasons. Glass torches, like wood and metal when unlit, can look beautiful when in the rain. They also will last a long time. 

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