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Best Tiki Bar Signs

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If you have a tiki bar, you may still need a great sign to bring the whole thing together. It can be difficult, though, to pick out the best tiki bar sign. Plus, what do you look for in a good tiki bar sign? How do you make sure that you are actually getting the best tiki bar sign? 

Finding the best tiki bar sign for your tiki bar can be a difficult task at times. There are so many options and so many possibilities out there. Remember that tiki bar signs are meant to reflect your personality and your tiki bar’s theme. Keep reading to get all your questions answered, plus some ideas for choosing the best tiki bar sign for you. 

Best Tiki Bar Signs: What To Look For

When purchasing a tiki bar sign, there are certain things that you should be looking for to ensure that you pick the best tiki bar sign for you. By choosing the best tiki bar sign, you will be able to complete your perfect tiki bar.

A good tiki bar sign should have a beach or Hawaiin vacation type of theme to it. This helps put people in the right mood when they visit your tiki bar. Having a campfire or even a fire pit theme on your tiki bar sign can also be excellent ideas to keep in mind when choosing your perfect tiki bar sign. 

Most tiki bar signs that you find are going to be wooden, which fits great with the driftwood style of tiki bars. However, if you are worried about your sign’s lifespan, it may be a good idea to look for a metal sign. That will take away slightly from the more natural theme, so it is up to you to decide whether you prioritize style or longevity.

Choosing The Best Tiki Bar Sign Theme

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tiki bar sign themes and ideas that exist that you can choose from. A lot of it comes down to just choosing whatever theme best suits you and your personal preferences for your tiki bar. However, here is a list of some of the best tiki bar sign themes to help you with your choice.

Tropical Hawaiian theme

You can never go wrong with employing a Hawaiian theme for your tiki bar sign. Hawaii is the most common theme that you will see on tiki bar signs, so it is not a unique choice.

  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Ocean waves
  • Beaches

Campfire theme

Another great theme to go with is a campfire theme. Campfire backgrounds for signs create an excellent color scheme and really bring out the natural, laid-back feel of tiki bars.

  • Campfires
  • Wood 
  • Flames

Surfing theme

A surfing theme is a great tiki bar sign theme to go with. This theme is typically combined with either a tropical theme or an ocean theme. Tiki bar signs with the surfing theme are usually made up of actual surfboards.

  • Big crashing waves
  • Surfboards
  • Swimsuits

Caribbean theme

The Caribbean theme uses a lot of pirate styles along with heavy ocean vibes. Using natural colors such as browns and greens will work great when making a Caribbean-themed tiki bar sign.

  • Pirate ships
  • Gold coins
  • Beaches

Picking The Best Tiki Bar Sign Material

When looking for the best tiki bar sign, you should keep in mind the type of material you want your sign to be made of. If you are going with a completely natural theme for your tiki bar sign, going with a sign made entirely of wood makes the most sense. Hardwood signs will cost more than other woods, but they will last a lot longer without falling apart. 

Metal signs are another great option for your tiki sign, especially if you are worried about the sign getting damaged. They are durable and long-lasting. Metal signs are also great if you want to go with an antique or rustic theme for your tiki sign. Metal signs can ruin specific themes, though, namely Hawaiian or other such natural themes. 

Best Tiki Bar Sign Color Schemes

The color scheme your tiki bar sign will have should depend on the overall style of your tiki bar. It can be challenging to pick the best color scheme for your tiki bar sign. Give it a little thought, and you will be able to choose your perfect color scheme in no time. 

Some of the best color schemes to go with are:

  • Blue and green color schemes. These colors are commonly seen on most tiki bar signs since they are good muted colors that appear throughout nature. Blue colors fit really well with Hawaiian-themed tiki signs. These colors are oceanic.
  • Brown color schemes. If you are going for any type of natural-themed tiki bar sign, brown colors are a necessity. Combine brown colors with green to create a good complementary color flow. 
  • Any other bright colors that go well with your theme. Bright colors promote a positive environment, which is fitting for your tiki bar setup. Bright colors will make the entire place feel more upbeat. They are beautiful for tiki bar signs.

Finding A Great Tiki Bar Sign Design 

You now know about great color schemes and themes for your tiki bar signs, but you still need to know how to pick a great design. The design of your tiki bar sign could take any number of routes. It will all depend on your personal preferences. 

The most common design that is used for tiki bar signs is a long wooden rectangular sign. This design is an excellent choice for nearly all tiki bar signs, and it gives you a lot of room to work with. However, this design can be unwieldy for some tiki bars, so if you do not have a lot of space, you should not go with this classic tiki bar sign design.

Another great design idea for your tiki bar sign is a smaller square sign, either wooden or metal. Most metal tiki bar signs you find are going to be square in shape. This is a great sign design to go with when you want a smaller, more intimate sign to fit in well with your tiki bar. It has a similar familiar style to the long rectangular shape above.

If you are really looking to be unique with your tiki bar, then a sign in the shape of a wave or something similar may be the best design choice for you. This will work best for a tiki bar that follows a strong theme, such as an ocean or Hawaiian theme. It can also pair well with the funky surfboard sign mentioned above. 

Best Words to Put on a Tiki Bar Sign 

The final thing you need to complete your excellent tiki bar sign is the writing you will feature on the sign. You could have the right design, a suitable theme, and a grand color scheme, but if you do not have a good saying on your tiki bar sign, it is not really an excellent tiki bar sign. 

Some of the best tiki bar signs out there:

  • Are witty or humorous
  • Mention something about the ocean or Hawaii or a tropical island
  • Have a small quote relating to peace, vacationing, or relaxation

You are free to put whatever you want on your tiki bar sign. If you create your own sign, you have even greater freedom over it. If you purchase an already made tiki bar sign, just make sure to get a sign that fits your tiki bar theme. The phrase or motto on a tiki bar sign can determine whether your tiki bar sign is tremendous, dull, or cheesy.

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